Wednesday Warrior Grace

Grace 1.jpg

Our daughter Grace had low birth weight, had trouble gaining weight and soon needed a G-tube for adequate nutrition within her first year of life. During her first year of life she was tested for many things, but no one could explain what was wrong with her. Grace was suspected to have mitochondrial disease by age 2 and then diagnosed at age 4 1/2 through a muscle biopsy.


Grace is 13 years old and has become a very busy teenager. This summer she will do horseback riding and swimming. She will participate in Summer Social Skills Camp, OT and ABA therapy. Grace will also get to attend overnight camp again, which she really enjoyed last year.


Grace had spinal fusion surgery last year and has recovered well. She is learning how to move and use her body with rods in her back. We were able to homeschool Grace through her surgery and healing and have enjoyed it so much that we are continuing with it. We have been using Rapid Prompt Method and through that have learned that Grace can add at least double digits and she can spell words and make meaningful connections. Last spring, she enjoyed a whole unit on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. How do I know she liked it? She stayed put for the lessons and always asked for “more.”


Grace is incredibly social, enjoys learning, and loves being outside, loves to play in water, & is pointing and expressing her opinions more often. She uses her wheelchair to communicate, also, by propelling herself to her want or need. She is learning to use her sign language more consistently and working on spelling words on a letterboard. Grace is a smart girl and she is getting the chance to show us. We also think she is a silly joker and daredevil. We are so proud of her.