I recently contacted Carrie Van Lith, mom of the first Warrior we supported in 2012, to get an average cost for out of pocket expense when they were over at Seattle Children's in 2012.  I wanted to get an average from someone local since most often times our local families separate to live in two different cities.  This sparked a great conversation that really put things into perspective.  My intention was to only gain a number that I could post on our social media sites as a fact, but with our conversation I thought it needed to be more than a fact on social media, but rather a conversation.  The Children's hospitals often times pick up a large portion of the cost, if not all, for the treatment, but what it does not pick up is the loss of income from 1 parent if both parents work, cost of food for parent and children while not currently hospitalized for treatment, current bills or debt you currently have prior to diagnosis and expenses you often do not think about.  We decided to write out the numbers and share with our community.  These are average for this family in 2012.  This does not account for every expense.

Loss of 1 parent income (assuming both parents work).  This could vary, but after getting permission from the above family, we will use numbers similar to where they were at in 2012. 

  • 36,000 loss of income for the next year
  • Ambulance bill over to Seattle Children's $4,500.00
  • $6,750  to stay at The Ronald Mcdonald House for 9 months (they do waive this fee if you are unable to pay)
  • Allowing the one parent $20.00 per day to eat for the next 9 months is  $5,400.00 (this is way below average.)  Think about the cost of groceries for both parent and child.
  • Gas money for parent that is not present and travels over as much as possible to be with his/her family.  For sake of argument lets say mom/dad only makes it half the time over the 9 months to average around 135 days.  He/she stays a few days in a row so we will divide that number in half.  Gas would be around $3,375.00
  • Counseling for the trauma and PTSD during and after treatment  $500.00
  • Radiation bill after insurance  $24,000

36,000 + 4,500.00 + 6,750 + 5,400 + 3,375 + 24,000 + 500.00 +  =


These numbers can vary for each family and diagnosis.  I think of the bills I have now, that do not go away when my child is sick such as my house payment, car payments, etc and the loss of 1 income alone would make it very difficult to live in a different city for a year.  I have a huge support system that would rally for me and thankfully the above family did also, but there are so many families that are local that do not have this network of support or the fundraisers throughout the year to help them.  Can you imagine?  We here at The Brave Warrior Project want to be the Support for those that do not have it and even those that do have it.  Get involved!  Support The Brave Warrior Project so we can continue helping ALL our local Brave Warriors!!  

We will be hosting our first annual Super Hero Walk on September 9th from 3:30pm-7:00pm at the 5th St. entrance on the loop trail.  We will have fun vendors, food, music, free games, and so much more.  You can donate online


You are also able to join a team or create one for the event to help us raise money!!  Have questions?  Please feel free to email us at bwarriorproject@gmail.com