Buddy Art

What exactly is Buddy Art and what are the benefits?  

Buddy Art is a program which provides Art Activities for kids with special needs and/or physical disabilities while also pairing them up with a neurotypical developing peer.  Our vision for this program is to give our children with special needs something to do outside of school and also provide a way for all of our children to socialize with one another!  Art has been proven to provide a therapeutic affect on both our emotional and physical well being.  

Here are 5 reasons how Buddy Art can impact a child.

1.  It allows a child to express themselves without having to be verbal.

2.  It facilitates connections with peers.

3.  It encourages turn taking.

4.  Buddy Art can help children grow confidence.

5. Buddy Art can also help improve motor skills and control, hand-eye coordination and muscle     development can be achieved through the different modalities of art.

These are just 5 reasons Buddy Art can help.  There are so many more reasons!  The Brave Warrior Project will be announcing dates throughout the summer.  If you would like to donate please just go to the Give Now button in the top right corner.  If you would like to volunteer to be a buddy please email us.