Warrior Update

Most of you know this Sweet little Warrior, but for those who do not, this is Dani!  Dani was one of the recipients for our Santa Photo Fundraiser.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive fibromatosis, or desmoid tumor, in her head and right mandible when she was 2; she's now 8 years old. This is a rare and hard to treat diagnosis. She has undergone multiple procedures related to this including chemotherapy and 2 major surgeries attempting to remove her tumor. Unfortunately her tumor had recurred, for the third time, and they were left with the recommendation to initiate IV chemotherapy.   In January the tumor showed growth after multiple rounds of IV chemo therapy.  It was suggested in January that Dani move on to resection given the growth of the tumor after multiple rounds of IV chemo therapy.  On February 17th Dani's tumor was 95% resected leaving behind only 5%.   Dani has since begun radiation treatment to get the 5% that was left.   Dani is one tough little Warrior!  Her ability to heal and overcome obstacles that come her way is simply AMAZING!!!  We want to thank our WONDERFUL Community for continuing to help us to support Dani and her Family!!