Meet Princess Warrior Camilla!


Our daughter Camila was born 2/23/2015, she was a big girl weighing in at 9 lb 1 oz.  The doctors predicted she'd be 7lbs. She was our amazing healthy baby.  Every day she would look more and more beautiful.  Her check ups looked great and she was doing well, but soon she would often vomit after eating. They prescribed her some ranitidine thinking it was just some acid reflux.  At 2 months old we noticed her head had grown a little more than we thought was normal. We attempted to speak with her pediatrician but were told it is not uncommon for a babies head to be bigger than their body.  We felt that its was abnormal so we took her to the ER on 6/2/15 for a second opinion were they agreed she needed further evaluation.  They did a ultra sound on her head.   They told us we needed to take our daughter to Seattle children's Hospital and that they would give us a call soon. Since she was acting normal and had no real signs of pain or discomfort they let us go home to await the call, the next morning we received it. They wanted to see her early the next morning.  On 6/4/15 we arrived at Children's Hospital for an MRI.  We were mixed with emotions.  We did not know what to think about what was happening with our daughter.  They finished the MRI.  It seemed like we were rushed on to our next appointment which was supposed to be 2hrs after, but they did not want to wait.  They took us to another floor and room where we would for wait the doctor.  When he arrived he gave us the devastating news, our 3 month old had a brain tumor.  On 6/4/15 Camila was diagnosed with a Malignant Ependymoma, due to its size and increased pressure in her head she needed surgery. We were admitted that day to Seattle Childrens and would be scheduled for surgery the next morning at 7am!  On 6/5/15 she was in the operating room for 7hrs where they were able to remove 90% of the tumor. She spent a few days after in ICU before being moved to a regular room. It was only a short while after the operation we noticed she had lost most of her movement on her right side, of course we were worried, but yet, happy to have her with us. As weeks went by she started to move more.  Camila has done chemotherapy since June 2015 and has done 30 cycles radiation. Camila has had 8 surgeries at her young age. She just amazes us on how strong she is. As of right now her tumor continues to be stable. No New growth!! Camila has a long road ahead of her with therapies but we know she can do whatever life brings her!! She is not giving up and we are right behind her.... WE LOVE OUR BABY GIRL.

Our lives changed in a blink of eye. We are hoping our story will help other families.  We want to give families strength, encouragement, and support to know they are not alone! There is hope, you just have to believe and have faith. Please follow her story... Family and friends you play a big roll in her life. She knows and feels the love. Your support has helped all of us to continue to be strong.  This is baby Camilla now!  Age 2.  She is currently in PT, OT, and Speech.  Keep praying for baby Camilla!!