5 quick tips to help reduce stress when parenting a child with special needs:


1.  Take a five minute break as often as needed to take a deep breath or several and remind yourself that you are not perfect and doing the best that you can.  Give yourself a pat on your back.  

2.  Listen to your favorite song or music and dance - be silly and laugh.

3.  Take fifteen minute breaks every several hours and relax, i.e. sit and do nothing, take deep breaths, stretch, do yoga, etc.  

4.  Go for a 20 to 30 minute walk daily or every other day.

5.  Participate in an activity you enjoy once a week or every other week with friends or by yourself.


Of course make sure your basic needs are being met as well such as sleep, health and nutrition.  Remember you are not slacking off or being selfish, you are participating in self care in order to better care for your child.  Taking the time to learn how to relax not only can reduce our blood pressure, but can help us to make better decisions and increase our overall happiness.  

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