When it hits close to home

When I was a young lady I remember planning my life. Go to College. Get married. Buy a house and most important: planning my children. I wanted a large family! I would have kids that had play dates with others, played sports, had fabulous birthday parties with lots of kids, participated in all the activities, etc. I would predict many people would agree they thought about these same things at some point in their life. We all have hopes and dreams. We all want the best for our children. Most of us will go through life and not know what it feels like to have an ill child or a child with disability. I hope that you will never experience it, but what happens if you do? How will you pay for it? What if you have to unexpectedly leave to another city for a year or more? What happens to your husband or other children? What if your child does not make it? What does your future hold? What does his or her future hold? Will they ever be able to have children? How do we get through this as a family? The only therapy/treatments available are in another city hours away and I will have to travel a few times per month, how am I going to do this? What if my child never talks? What if he/she does not walk? How do I get him/her what they need? These are a few questions parents of ill children or children with disabilities have.  There is no way to explain how it feels. We scramble creating fundraisers, bake sales, tournaments, and any other means to collect money to help families in need. There are families that have an amazing support system. There are kids who have strong family and friends that are able to be their voice. But what about the kids that do not have that voice? What about the families that do not know about those options? The Brave Warrior Project wants to be that voice for all kiddos! We believe that EVERY child should have a voice and support system. Over the last few years we have supported and given well over $20,000 to families that have children over at Seattle Children's Hospital battling cancer with one fundraiser and thousands of dollars in toys with our annual toy drive. We know the impact we can make and want to extend that help to not only cancer families but kids with chronic illness or disability. All of these kids are WARRIORS. Our promise to kids and families is that we will develop programs for special needs kids. We will offer therapy sessions for families. We will start support groups. We have bilingual volunteers and bilingual programs. We will provide emergent funds for travel. We will provide meals for the family at home. Our project is about kiddos from small town communities. We will rally to help in any way possible. We are about bringing awareness, support, education and resources. We are about prayer, positive thoughts, hope, support and anything else you might need.  We are about creating families and relationships. We are The Brave Warrior Project. A non-profit determined to help small town communities.