In 2012 our founder's 2nd cousin went to the ER and was diagnosed with cancer. He was taken that night by ambulance to Seattle Children's Hospital where his he and his mom would live for the next 9 months. To offset some of the cost for the family our founder, Erica Moshe, put together a fundraiser with the help of the young man's extended family: "Shoot for Mac!". Erica brought Santa from the North Pole and photographed children with Santa for one day. That fundraiser raised $6,000.00 for this family. The tradition continued each year there after with the help of Lisa O'dell and Adam O'dell and we have raised approximately $40,000 for families over the years.  

Erica has a son on the Autism Spectrum and has had to travel to receive the medically necessary services needed to give her son the best chance to be as functional as possible in life. Erica received the necessary therapies and has helped many families and kids navigate this extremely difficult diagnosis.

Knowing the difficulty of getting services, the financial strain of traveling, and lack of support, our founder quickly realized that although cancer is very different from developmental needs and chronic illness, the barriers were very similar for families in small communities.


We Are a Non-Profit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers by providing hope, support, and strength to families with children that have developmental disorders, chronic health care needs, and cancer in our Pacific Northwest small town communities by providing access to resources, parent education, development of programs that encourage play, socialization and education, support systems, and community collaboration with entities that put our children's needs first.


Own and operate a facility where we will be able to continue to implement and grow our programs, provide respite and palliative care to families going through life limiting journey, and most importantly where we put the child and families needs first. 


With a focus on quality of life and continuity of care, we’re committed to compassionately caring for children and their families.


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